About the diploma

The Diploma in Consumer Credit Risk Management comprises of 5 Units. You pass a module by attending one of our relevant courses and passing the exam associated with that course. You must pass all five exams, but you may obtain an exemption from a Unit.


The Units

The following are our main courses and can be taken as class-based or online:

Unit 1. Introduction to Credit Risk Management

Unit 2. Practical Crdit Analytics

Unit 3. The Ten Tools of Credit Scoring

Unit 4. Collections Segmentation and Strategies

Unit 5. Portfolio Management and Behavioural Scoring



From time to time we have run alternative courses or special in-house events. The following are the most popular and can count towards modules indicated:

Credit Risk Management and Analysis - Unit 1

How to be a Credit Analyst - Unit 2

Practical Credit Scoring - Unit 3

Credit Scoing: Using the tools - Unit 3

Advanced Credit Scoring - Unit 3 or 4

Collections Management and Strategies - Unit 4

Portfolio and Project Management - Unit 5



You can obtain an exemption by proving you have attended a similar course or have obtained a qualification in that subject area.



Prices are per course. For qualification for a diploma unit and associated certificate, the price is 50.


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