Bespoke courses

These can be similar to in-house courses, but where you specify the objectives and often choose the specific material for the event. To do this, you can combine any of the modules from our course catalogue to address your specific needs.



You may have a specific technical issue to address and we can incorporate interactive sessions such as workshops to address these.


Softer objectives

You may have secondary objectives that are not of a technical nature. We have a range of exercises that you can choose from in addition to our usual business games which add teamwork and competition to the learning experience.

- Win-win negotation

- Communication to non-technical people

- Teamworking

- Presentation skills

- Problem solving skills

- Project management

- Contingency and action planning

- Solution selection and decision making


Course length: suggested 2-3 days


Who should attend?

Designed for Credit Scoring analysts seeking to analyse scorecard performance effectively and efficiently.

Credit Risk Managers seeking insight into techniques there staff should be using.

Anyone who uses or has a scorecard built for them and wants to validate the results.



On design. Please contact us to discuss.





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