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In brief

This is a short course designed to provide an understanding of roll rates and their use in forecasting.

The sections are:

 - Introduction to roll rates

 - Projecting by multiplying roll rate matrices

 - Markov Chains

 - Sensitivity of Markov Chains

 - Practical uses of chained roll rates

 - Issues with the models

 - Advanced Markov Chains

 - Summary



- Multiplying roll rate matrices

- Creating a Markov Chain

- Interpreting the Markov Chain output

- Evaluating sensitivities and issues

- Using Vintage in a Markov Chain


Course length: flexible online


Who should attend?

Designed for Credit risk or fiannce analysts seeking a better undersyanding of roll rates and how to use them in forecasting.



195 for the first delegate. Contact us for multiple booking discounts.




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