About Murray Bailey


With a background in mathematics and chartered accountancy, Murray Bailey began building credit scorecards in 1985 and was rapidly promoted to Credit Strategy Controller at Welbeck Finance. He became Credit Director for Citibank's Storecard before moving to the head office with credit risk responsibility for all consumer products. In 1991 he joined HFC bank to become the Risk Director.

Since leaving to form Windsor Murray has had a number of senior roles:


* Head of Credit Risk (interim) - ING Direct

* Chief Risk Officer - GE capital

* Chief Risk Officer - Frodo Financial

* Risk Director - Wonga

* Risk Director - Zopa

* Risk Director - Sparc Hypotheken

* Head of Credit Risk (interim) - Amigo Loans

And post their problems:

* Chief Risk Officer (Interim) - Northern Rock

* Group Credit Risk Director - Cattles PLC


Murray has provided consultancy support from Prime lenders to the non-conforming markets,, covering all consumer credit products and SME lending.


Murray can be found on LinkedIn






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